Babette Travel is more than simply a listing site. 

We aim to provide useful tools, resources and information regarding all aspects of travel. We have compiled a list of useful sites, articles and apps that every traveler should know about as well as written our own pieces hoping to answer all of our users questions.


Are you curious about London? Are you looking for tips regarding transportation or which airport to fly in and out of? 


Are you curious about Dublin? Are you wondering how to get to the Cliffs of Moher or the Blarney Stone? 

babette articles

Babette works hard to create interesting and useful articles ranging from personal travel stories to helpful packing lists. Scroll through our blog to read pieces exclusively by the Babette team written with our users in mind. 

outside articles

We believe that the key to having your best experiences while traveling is by having resources, resources, resources. Because we don't want to recreate the wheel we have compiled a list of outside articles that we think are useful, entertaining and thought provoking. 

outside tools, resources and apps

We know at Babette that there are a million different travel apps and resources. So many that often it can become overwhelming, even for a veteran traveler. For this reason we have round up our favorite apps, websites, etc. and listed them to help you find your go-to tools.