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now where are you going to live

Now that you've found your internship your next question to yourself is probably where you're going to live. We work with local listing agencies and companies that deal with short term housing to make the accommodation search easy and dare we say even fun.

Some simple tips and tricks while apartment searching:

  • In many european cities they call "apartments" flats. So when you see "flatmate" that is simply someone who shares your apartment with you. This is different than "roommate" which is someone who will also have a bed in your room.
  • Make sure to check the currency you are looking at. £500 is different than €500 which is different than $500.
  • Make sure to check what you will need upon arrival. Are they expecting a full month's security deposit? Will you have to pay via check or in cash? Are they expecting it to be in the local currency or in dollars? Make sure to have all of these questions answered before you arrive to eliminate stress.
  • When hunting for accommodation make sure to check if they have a minimum stay requirement. Some sites are more like leasing sites and others are month to month. If you are unsure simply add the question in the initial email. 
  • PCM or PM is per calendar month or per month. PW is per week. Make sure that you pay attention to these so you don't end up spending 4x as much on rent than you were expecting.
  • Make use of the map button on the sites. Do a bit of research about neighborhoods you want to live in and where your internship is going to be so you don't end up with an hour commute each direction everyday. 
  • Don't feel pressured to find a place before you go. Many students stay in short term accommodation such as a hostel or airbnb to be able to apartment hunt in person. Give yourself about a week or so before your internship starts so you can apartment hunt during the day.
  • Listen to your gut. If something seems shady, don't do it. However by using one of the sites we've listed under our accommodation options you alleviate a bit of that fear. 

DISCLAIMER. Babette is not responsible for any listings provided by this site. The information listed is up to date to the best of our research. The responsibility for each user is on the user themselves.