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A simple food but when done right can be oh so delicious. As you walk around the streets of London and Dublin you will find a fish and chips place on every corner. We only have one place to go get your fill: Leo Burdocks.

leo burdocks

This is not your small, mom and pop fish and chips shop. We are also aware that they are probably not even the best in Dublin. But they are our favorite chip shop where you can get amazing chips and pretty good fried fish.

So why are we brining attention to Leo Burdocks if it's not even our favorite restaurant in Dublin? Because fries. Greasy, thick yet crispy fries that are the perfect late night snack. They are located in the heart of Temple Bar and have various locations around Dublin.

The space is small, only 8 or so tables fit for two, and the walls are lined with photos of recognizable faces that have visited the shop. There are only two people working at any time, one taking the orders and one frying the food. The patrons vary from college student to drunk tourist to locals having a quick bite. Inside the lights are bright, almost fluorescent and the stark colors of hunter green and bright white walls create neither a cozy nor modern atmosphere. But there is something that feels very Dublin as you step inside. It almost feels like a pub after closing hours with the lights brought up, people enjoying their last quick bites and ready to continue on to their next destination. 

Maybe I am simply reminiscing on my first days in Dublin when I thought I had found a hidden secret only to find that it was already well known. Maybe it reminds me of the many nights of wandering the streets of a city I had not yet come to love. Maybe the garlic sauce and fries really are that damn good. Whatever it may be, go to Leo Burdocks to at least see where the rich and famous buy cheap fish and chips.