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Meet the Babette Team



Olivia wisden, founder and head of user experience 

Since I can remember I have always had the undying urge to travel and seek new adventures. I was fortunate to have internships in Dublin and in London and as well as continue my studies in Madrid. While my heart will always be in these cities, my favorite travel destination has to be Croatia. I encourage everyone to take the time to see this gem of a country.  Creating Babette has allowed me to combine my love of travel and my passion of encouraging others to explore this beautiful world and step outside their comfort zones.  

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kirsten sletten, head of partnership relations

Originally from Wisconsin, I attended St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota. During college, I participated in a Medical Brigade service trip in Honduras and spent a semester abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark, where I lived with a host family and studied International Business at The Danish Institute of Study Abroad ("DIS").  I now call Minneapolis home, and when I'm not exploring the Twin Cities, I'm planning my next trip and thinking about which part of the world I'd like to explore next. I am passionate about making it possible for others to live, work, and learn abroad and I am excited to join the Babette team!

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elizabeth wisden, Marketing and graphic designer

I didn’t realize the beauty of traveling until I was seventeen and visiting western Europe with my family. Since discovering my love for travel I have had various travel opportunities, varying from interning in Malta, organic farming in Thailand to currently studying in Peru. Thus far, Thailand holds the biggest piece of my heart. With each of these experiences I have learned the unique beauties but also struggles that come with the various paths you can take when traveling. I am excited to be apart of Babette and hope to be able to inspire others as well as turn their travel dreams into reality.


anna petrow, student outreach and event planning

I have been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to travel to places such as Thailand, Costa Rica, and other destinations. Each of these experiences has truly changed my perspective on life, happiness, friendship, and everything else in between. These experiences have had such a strong impact on my life that I can recognize the importance of making travel accessible to all. I think it is so important to see and learn about different people and different parts of the world and Babette can help ease the uncertainty and anxiety that can accompany travel, and help to create the opportunity to experience the world for all that it is.


meet the babette writers

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emily ross

“My heart wants roots. My mind wants wings. I cannot bear their bickerings.” ~E.Y. Harburg

Hey everyone! I’m Emily, a lover of cheesy travel quotes (see above), language, and learning.  I have called many places home, including Wisconsin, Costa Rica, Ireland, and Spain. I’ve lived in 14 different apartments and crashed on innumerable couches since leaving for college, where I studied English and Spanish. While abroad, I have been a student, worked odd jobs, and taught English. No experience was the same, but they were all worth it because of all the friends I’ve made and all the memories I’ve shared with them.

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Anna Persson

Originally from Perth, Australia (the most isolated city in the world!) but with Swedish roots, I grew up traveling from a young age. My earliest memories involve crawling around on airport floors and sleeping in bus stations - a passion that has followed me into my adult life where I've lived and travelled in over 30 countries! Currently, my backpack and the couches of friendly strangers in New Zealand is where I call home, but Scotland will always have my heart. 

I'm excited to share my travel experience as a member of the Babette team and to inspire, encourage and support others who share my Wanderlust!


Rebecca meagher

Up until recently I have called Massachusetts home, however I have been fortunate enough to have had many opportunities to travel abroad both for education and pleasure. My first international destination was Spain. Many years later I returned to Madrid to study abroad. I am currently studying a Master’s in London, however I will be studying in Cologne for the coming fall semester. London is a fantastic city to live in, so I hope that being a member of Babette will allow me to help others experience life in this great city. 


Payal Budhraja

Born and raised in Mumbai, India, I was lucky to have the chance to pursue my undergraduate studies in Nottingham, UK. I realised how much I enjoyed travelling during my gap year in 2016 when I travelled solo for work to Philippines, Singapore and Indonesia. Since then, I have taken initiatives to travel more like a local and less like a tourist. I moved back to London to pursue my Master’s last year and absolutely loved exploring various aspects of the city – from studying to brunch meet ups, local coffee shops, art and the night life. I am currently on an exchange term in Chicago and hope to explore parts of the US during my time here.