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When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life.
— Samuel Johnson


Whether you are visiting London for a day, week or year, there is no way to sugar coat it: London is an expensive place to live. Check out our list of places to stay, which include both long and short-term accommodation. Your best bet for finding the best deal is to book sooner rather than later, especially if Airbnb or a hostel is your accommodation of choice. 

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As with all countries, it is important to know what kind of legal paperwork you need to fill out before you enter the country. For American travelers simply looking to visit the vibrant city no visa is necessary, though you are held to a 90 maximum for staying in the country. For travelers hoping to work, intern or volunteer in the UK be sure to start your planning early because you will need a visa regardless of the duration of your stay. 


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Like all big cities, getting around can be both a cause of frustration as well as one of adventure. While there is no substitute to actually using the different forms of transportation, informing yourself of some of the more common mistakes and pitfalls can help ease your transition from novice to expert. 


things to do and culture

What is a city without it's unique culture? And London is not simply one culture but a mesmerizing blend of hundreds. Between the local slang, social faux pas, booming night life, local diversity and so much more, there is always something to explore or do.