Just how does Babette work

We at Babette strongly believe that international experience is a right and not simply a privilege. This belief is why we have designed Babette the way that we have. We work with local and international companies to advertise, working with companies that travelers want to know about.  By providing advertising space we are able to alleviate some the financial burden from our users shoulders.

Having a tiered servicing model means we are able to work with a diverse group of travelers. Babette works for the highly independent traveler who simply want some extra information to the first time traveler who would like a bit more accompaniment through the planning process. 

Finally, we provide the whole package without an 'all or nothing' mindset. We encourage users to use Babette for picking their destination all the way to planning what they will do abroad, but we also encourage a la cart users too. Babette's free basic interface means you are able to use all or some of our resources and we love you just the same.