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Right around the corner from buzzing Piccadilly and Oxford Circus you will stumble upon the cobble stone streets of Soho, filled with enough restaurants and shops for a lifetime. Tucked away in shiny and expensive central London, you will find Soho grungier, cooler and more affordable than it's neighboring boroughs. 


Where to eat in Central London for less than your paycheck

Soho is the epicenter of hundreds of delicious restaurants, cafes and bars. It's not if you'll find a delicious place but rather where you'll choose to eat. 

  • Yoobi: This bright and colorful sushi restaurant is perfect for a quick bite or a light lunch. Rolls will cost you roughly £6 or try their special Temaki, or sushi wrapped in a sushi cone, for only £4 each! While the rolls won't be the biggest or most colorful you've ever eaten, you won't be able to beat the price nor speed of Yoobi.
  • The Real Greek: After eating fish and chips and more pub food than one person should, The Real Greek is a great option for fresh Mediterranean fare! Good portioned sharing plates and lovely service make this soho shop a must visit. The menu suggests 3-4 items per person but we found our 4 items for two of us was plenty! Make sure to get the Lamb Kafka and to finish your meal off with some strong greek coffee.
  • Hummingbird Cafe: Whether you are looking for the perfect cupcake, a slice of 6 inch tall cake or a specialty dessert, Hummingbird Bakery will have something to satisfy your sweet tooth. You won't miss the bright pink facade or line of people waiting to get their piece! Like many of London's local businesses there are multiple locations all around the city so you can get your cake whenever you see fit.
  • Cake not your sweet of choice? That's alright, just head down Wardour Street and you'll have your pick of dozens of delicatessens and sweet shops! Bon appétit. 
  • Street Food Union: Looking for quick and delicious food from around the world? Make sure to check out the Street Food Union in central Soho that runs every Mon-Sat from 11-3. This place captures the energy of the funky neighborhood.
  • Looking for something specific? Soho will have it for you. You don't have to take our word for it, here is TimeOut's FIFTY ONE restaurants to check out in Soho alone...


the rest of soho

Soho feels like the perfect juxtaposition to the high end streets only blocks away. Here you will find charity shops, vintage shops, sex shops, cafes, restaurants and markets all nestled together. On a sunny day in London there is nowhere else you want to be. 

  • PopUp 38: This is not your average charity shop. This little shop feels like the perfect mix of vintage items, handmade gifts, designer items and eclectic energy. All proceeds from the shop go to a nonprofit that helps bring full-time education to children in Kabul, Afghanistan. 
popup 38.jpg
  • Neon EVERYWHERE: If you've never played the game "Which street is cuter", Soho is a great place to start. Simply get lost following Neon signs and christmas lights to find hidden gems on hidden gems. Whether you're looking for a place to grab a pint or a new wardrobe, the neon signs will not let you down. 
  • We Built This City: Looking for the perfect London gift to take back home? Be sure to check out this shop that is hoping to revolutionize souvenirs and stop people from giving less than ordinary keychains. 
  • Reign Vintage: This is not your neighborhood thrift shop, probably because it's a beautifully curated vintage shop. For those who have not found the art of second hand shopping, there is quite a difference between the two (both are great). Reign has a large selection of designer and non-designer items, all of which you will want to bring home immediately. Buyer beware: London Vintage shops can get pricy very very quickly. This is not a shop for one on a budget but simply trying on a pair of Prada shoes or incredible jackets will make you happy you stopped in!