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Oh Goodness, My Guinness!

Have you really explored Dublin if you haven't had a pint of Guinness? And have you really had a pint of Guinness if you haven't tried it from the Guinness Storehouse overlooking the entire city from their Sky Bar?

The short answer is no. The long answer is hell no.

guiness 2.jpg


As irish as guinness himself

Some stereotypes exist and are 100% true. This is the case with the Irish and their Guinness. You will not find a bar, pub or club in Dublin that does not have Guinness on tap. You will not find a drinking establishment without a local or tourist chugging a pint of the local delicacy. The Irish are very proud of Guinness and the rumors are true, it simply is better in Ireland. Now, part of it may be due to the atmosphere in which your enjoying the pint but it also is because dark bottles do not store beer well. In truth, dark and green bottles are the absolute worse thing to store beer for transportation but could one imagine drinking a Guinness out of a clear bottle? Maybe, but the Irish sure couldn't. 


taking a tour

The storehouse itself is a just a 20 minute walk outside of city center and on a beautiful day it is well worth the walk. On your way to the factory you will walk past dozens of cute shops, cafes and restaurants. Once you arrive to Guinness, taking pictures a long the way, simply follow the crowds to get yourself to the entrance. As you walk in, you will be greeted by friendly faces who will direct you to where you need to be. As it may not be clear, you must by a ticket to the museum tour. If you buy your ticket at the door, it is €25 for an adult ticket and €20 for student tickets. Save  yourself some cash and buy your ticket online and pay the flat fee of €17.50!  The price may seem a bit steep but a pint of Guinness is included at the top and the views are quite stunning making the cost a bit less painful.

How long the tour takes is completely up to you. The museum is self guided which means you can take as much or as little time reading about Guinness as your heart desires. The museum itself is a beautiful representation of Ireland's love of Guinness.  The storehouse has been completely remodeled, a mixture of cozy pub and contemporary design make it very different than most travelers are expecting. It's interactive, innovative and beautiful. Motion sensor portraits tell you the story of the Guinness family, interactive photo booths allow you to place yourself inside classic Guinness ads and even learn to pour a proper pint yourself! The Guinness storehouse is a play place for adult and children alike. 

If interactive museums about beer isn't your thing, make sure to visit on a beautiful clear day. The view at the top from the Sky Bar is absolutely worth the visit; from one location you are able to see all of Dublin quite literally. 

*PRO TIP: If dark beer isn't really your thing or you tend to lean towards sweeter drinks, ask the bartender to add black currant to the Guinness. I promise they will know exactly what you're asking for and won't give you any weird looks. The sweet/tartness of the syrup is a great compliment to the rich Guinness and no one will ever know the difference!