So what services does Babette provide?


pick your destination

The first step may seem the most obvious, but can also the hardest. First pick the destination of your internship. Click below to see in what cities Babette has partnerships. 

find your accommodation

Your accommodation will be the next thing you are probably most concerned about. Fortunately we have done our homework and created our lists of where you might want to stay while abroad.


learn about visas

Finally, once you know where you're going you want to make sure you are LEGALLY there. We have provided you with the basic visa regulations for every city we offer internships.

We travel not to escape life, but ensure that life does not escape us.
— unknown

Are you wondering "Where do I even begin?"

Babette is not a placement program. While we do not guarantee internships nor find you housing for while you are abroad, we do provide all the necessary tools for you to easily find your own. Our goal is to provide an alternative to the already established method of international internships and work experience programs at the always low price of free. We do understand that the steps for finding your own internship however may be unclear or confusing and for this we have designed a checklist to help with the process. Click the button below to read more about our services and our recommendations to successfully finding the best internship for you abroad.