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How to get from the Airport to City Centre

As a general rule for travel I always know two things when I arrive to a city: Where I'm going to sleep that night and how the heck I'm going to get there from the airport (or train station or bus station). This may seem like simple or obvious tips but arriving at an airport and not having a clue about getting to your next location can end up costing you $$$ if you end up unnecessarily in a taxi. 


Fortunately Dublin has a very user friendly public transportation system and multiple options to getting to City Centre. Both options will be found outside of Terminal 1. If you are arriving from the USA you will be landing in Terminal 2 but don't worry, the Dublin Airport is easy to navigate and getting to Terminal 1 is easy. Simply follow the signs to "EXIT" and you will see arrows pointing to TERMINAL 1 (you will take a left once you exit. In addition you will see several blue and yellow double decker buses parked. Follow those buses. 

choosing your ride

There are several options that are much cheaper than taking a taxi. 

  • Dublin AirLink Express will take you right down town and several stops around the city. It is a bit quicker than the city buses due to less frequent stops. This option will cost you €7/per person one-way. Look for the 747 and 757. For more information regarding time tables and specific stops click here. BONUS: Follow this link to purchase your bus ticket ahead of time and only pay €6/per person one-way.


  • Dublin City Buses will also take you directly down town and make frequent stops around the city. Both bus 16 and 41 will terminate in city centre at either O'Connell or Abbey St respectively. Buses run from the airport every 10 min and take about 30 min to get from the airport to City Centre. This option will cost you  €3.30/per person one-way or you can purchase a leap card and it will be a bit cheaper. Do note that you need EXACT change and they ONLY take coins, no bills. For more information regarding time tables and specific stops click here. BONUS: The Dublin City Bus provides free wifi! 

getting back to the airport 

As most things with most things, once you've done it once, the second time is much less stressful. This holds true with heading back to the airport.

  • You can take the AirLink Express back for €7/per person which can be purchased on the bus or ahead of time. *PRO TIP: If you buy the return ticket initially it's €12/ per person roundtrip and your return ticket is valid for 3 months. 
  • You can take either the Dublin City Bus 41 or 16 back to the airport and there are many stops  around the city or they pick up in city centre on O'Connell or Abbey St. *PRO TIP: The buses don't start running for the day until about 6:30 am which means if you have an early morning flight (before 9 am) you will not be able to take the bus to the airport. Check out the AirLink Express for times, they have buses starting very early in the morning.