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Our costs

Why do we charge $150?

It is completely free to create a profile and apply for internships. This means you are able to apply to an international internship along with the rest of your summer plans without too much risk. (We understand it's scary to put all your eggs in one basket). 

You are able to apply to several internships and decide early in the process that going abroad isn't right for you at the moment. Shit happens, we understand. 

We only charge you once you have been offered a position AND you accept the position. We have several reasons for this fee:

  1. We've worked our asses off to find and secure these internships and make sure they are worthy for our interns. 
  2. All of these internships are only accepting interns from Babette Travel. This means that you have much better chance of getting an offer from an internship. We think this is something special.
  3. Think of it as a non-refundable security deposit. It tells us that you are invested in this opportunity. You are far less likely to bail last minute now that you've paid a bit. The companies we work with are smaller and relying that we are going to help them find incredible interns. If you bail, we look bad. Simply put.