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Common Questions

  • What is a placement program? A placement program will have a program fee, will require that you apply to them first before receiving an internship and often guarantees an internship placement.  However with placement programs you are placed in an internship rather than choosing the internship yourself . They are a service that provides you with housing, an internship and general assistance in the process. 
  • Is Babette a placement program? No.
  • What makes Babette different than placement programs? Babette does not require that you apply to us to use our services. We do not find you an internship nor find you housing but rather we provide you with all the needed tools to find and plan your internship on your own. For a nominal fee you can sign up for Babette's extended plans which provides additional services.
  • What countries are included? Currently we provide internships in Dublin and London but we are constantly seeking to add new countries to our services. Join our newsletter to stay up to date on all of our additions!
  • Can I apply if I am not an American? Absolutely. We do focus on international internships for americans which means that we do not post internships in the US nor is our visa information updated for other passports. But if you are not a US citizen and find an internship you wish to apply for go for it!
  • It's my first time leaving the country, is Babette for me? Yes! Babette offers a wide range of services and resources for everyone. We encourage all travelers to use Babette be it your first time leaving the country or you're a long time traveler.  
  • What are Babette's extended plans? These are additional services you can pay for that provide different levels of assistance. They range from simply having the direct email contact with a member of the Babette team to help answer questions Babette does not answer, to having a personal contact that is helping you find and apply for internships, search for housing and ensuring you have all your box's ticked. 
  • Are the companies vetted? If so, how? Yes. Babette prides itself on the fact that the internships we list are with quality companies who are invested in their teams. We do this by contacting companies directly, having Skype meetings with these companies and working with them to ensure their ads are representative of their opportunity. As a small company ourselves we understand the importance of knowing who we're working with. However, we do encourage all of our users to do their own vetting as well. 
  • What kind of accommodation options does Babette provide? Similar to our internships, we do not find you an accommodation for while you are abroad. However, we do list a wide range of accommodation options in each city to fit the need a many different interns. We work with locals and travelers alike to find different housing companies and possibilities. We have listed several short term housing companies that focus on providing housing for students. For an additional upfront fee we can set up your housing through these agents and you will receive our discounted price.
  • Can I trust the visa information listed? Visa laws are different for each country and are changing constantly. We update each city's info every 6 months to have the most updated information on Babette. However, it is still your responsibility to ensure you have the proper paperwork to legally enter your host country. We provide links to additional government info in each PDF file.
  • Are the internships paid? Such as in the US, each internship is different but it will be listed very clearly on the internship profile. 
  • Can I get credit for my internship at my university? Many universities offer some credit for international internships, be sure to check with your home university if it is a possibility.