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Start your adventure

Pick your destination! 

Begin applying for internships. Be prepared, you may need to apply for multiple internships just as you would apply for multiple internships in the US.

  • Confirm with internship the dates/ location/ duties/ etc of your internship. Babette highly recommends planning a Skype interview with your internship before you leave.

 Apply for a visa if needed. Check out our visa page to see if you need a visa.

  • For UK, apply for internships ASAP. You will need to apply to BUNAC or other certified organization for a Certificate of Sponsorship to be able to apply for a visa and will need an internship offer to do so. Check out our visa PDF for more information

Begin searching for your accommodation. We provide a variety of different accommodation options for each city with links to more sites!

Internship: check! Accommodation: check! Visa: check!

Book your flight! Check out to get the best flight deals!

Other things to think about:

  • If you are still a student, talk with your university about the possibility of getting credit for your internship. Your university may offer scholarships to help cover costs of living/ airfare/ etc.
  • Health insurance! Be sure to get travelers insurance before you leave the US. Many countries require paperwork proving you have health insurance if something were to happen. If your a student, check with your university to see if they have a travel insurance plan you can get. Check out to get an insurance quote and see all the benefits it includes.
  • Make sure to print off all the necessary documents and have backup copies (passport, travel insurance, flights, info about your internship and accommodation etc). Carry this information in a folder when you enter the country. It's better to have too much information to give the boarder control than not enough. 


Start packing! Check out Rick Steve's extensive packing list or create one of your own!