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Top 5 places to get your caffeine fix in London

 By Payal Budhraja

By Payal Budhraja

My favorite pass time on lazy weekends is to explore a new area of London. What motivates me to do that? The fact that I get to try a local coffee shop! Whilst for some coffee is just the caffeine,for me it’s about the experience of the café and the ambience.

I have spent a ton of time browsing through recommendations to find a nice and cosy coffee shop to spend a quiet afternoon and get some work done. Some experiences turned out amazing, others were just like any other. Here’s some of those amazing finds:


Drury Lane Café – Covent Garden

I have mentioned this place before as part of my brunch recommendations but I have more often visited this place for its cappuccino. When someone asks me where to go to get the best coffee in London, it’s been Drury Lane for me so far. Although my hunt always continues!

Drury Lane_London_Coffee.jpg


Artigiano Espresso and Wine Bar – St. Paul’s

This coffee shop is located right across St. Paul’s Cathedral and is one of the few places I absolutely enjoyed sitting and working. Facing a pedestrian only alleyway with the chimes of the bell ringing at the cathedral, it’s a peaceful place to relish your afternoon and of course the coffee is worth the visit!


The CoffeeWorks Project - Angel

The CoffeeWorks Project has a nice selection of drip coffees from various regions across the globe.  It was my curiosity to try something new that drew me here. I absolutely loved sitting by the window side in this little café and another place I would go to be productive.

The CoffeWorks Project_London_Coffee.jpg


Monmouth Coffee Company – Covent Garden

It is meant to be one of the most popular coffee shops in London. I was surprised to see the continuous inflow of people from the moment I entered until the time I left. While their coffee selection is something I would go back for, it is not a place I would recommend to sit and work due to the business throughout the day! You will be lucky to not encounter a queue here but  their speciality filter coffee is worth the wait.


Notes – King’s Cross

King’s Cross has always been my to go place. It was one of the closest places to where I lived and Notes was the perfect spot to chill with a delicious Cappuccino. However, more than the coffee, a unique thing on their menu is one of their teas, Genmai Cha. It is essentially Green Tea with rice and was something new to me. The tea turned out to be pleasantly delicious.

My list can go on and I continue searching for new spots to add to this list. I hope you can sense my excitement to try local cafes and experimenting with my coffee sensitive taste buds.