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Don't forget to pack...

 By Rebecca Meagher

By Rebecca Meagher

When spending time in London there are a few items that you should be sure to not leave behind.

 As we all know, London can get a bit rainy, so the first thing in your suitcase should be a mini umbrella that you can carry with you everywhere you go. However, rain boots aren’t all that necessary, so save space and pack something else. If you do decide you need rain boots you can find them in London super cheap, 10-15 pounds or so at stores such as H&M, Primark or Tiger.

 Despite its reputation for gloomy, rainy days, London can be  quite sunny at times. Do yourself a favor and pack a pair of sunglasses. Try to carry them with you at all times because you never know when the sun will pop out behind the clouds.

 A student ID can be surprisingly useful in London. Students often  get discounts on food, movie tickets, museum entrances, and shopping. It may not seem like a large saving opportunity, but it adds up!

 The sun doesn’t set until late, so that means there is plenty of time to explore London’s streets, parks, and museums. Comfortable shoes are a must.

 As you may know, British pounds are different from US dollars. Like the Euro, pounds have coins that actually matter. Make sure to have a wallet with a good change section, or at least a plan on how to deal with the loose pounds so you don’t make the costly mistake of misplacing any of the coins, the 2 pound coin can be worth up to $3 alone!