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Exploring London: Beyond the TripAdvisor Recommendations

 By Payal  Budhraja

By Payal Budhraja

I spent my summer interning in London and had the opportunity to explore some more local destinations.

The London Underground connects the whole city and is probably the quickest way to find your way to all these places.

1. Notting Hill Gate

One of the secluded housing areas with vibrant and colourful houses, I spent an afternoon walking in the neighbourhood and visiting the local Portobello Road Market. I started my day by visiting a local brunch place called Eggbreak. As the name suggests, the menu had an extensive choice of eggs prepared in a variety of ways and they are delicious! The market is closed on Sundays (which of course was the day I picked to go) but a sunny summer day is perfect to enjoy the market to shop.  


2. The Theatre District

Like Broadway in New York City, London’s West End is well known for musicals and if you are a theatre fan, I would definitely recommend catching one. I saw The Phantom of the Opera during my break, but there are many others including Disney’s Lion King and Aladdin. Shows run all week with two shows on weekends.

3. Shoreditch Street Art

Shoreditch, one of London’s popular areas known for its street art, is a must visit if you enjoy looking at creative graffiti and works of art. It has a very hipster-like feel to it. As usual when I visited, I started my day with a local brunch place called Friends of Ours after which I went on my graffiti quest. Just off Brick Lane (below), there are walls of colourful and eccentric graffiti on the streets. I’m not the kind of person who understands the nitty-gritties of art but this experience was still exciting and I was able to witness some amazing creations.


 4.Brick Lane

Brick Lane is another street which has rows and rows of cafés, local shops and a local market which unlike Notting Hill Gate, is open on Sunday’s. They had a range of food stalls, local coffee places and street artists performing. Enjoying the entertainment and liveliness of the afternoon, I visited Cereal Killer Café (you’ve probably gathered that I enjoy my weekend brunches). As the name suggests, it’s one of the places you can customize your breakfast plate full of cereal and enjoy tempting shakes. Once in awhile, a cheat day is allowed, isn’t it? I loved their wall full of cereal display and little beds to sit and have your own delicious bowl of cereal.


This is just a snippet of my London exploration over the summer. There is still a lot on my list to visit and experience in this bustling city!