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Brunch Recommendations in London: My top 5

 By Payal Budhraja

By Payal Budhraja

I enjoy my weekend brunches, especially when it’s in the summer. It’s relaxing to take a break after a hectic week and have a perfect cup of cappuccino while enjoying some delightful eggs and toast. Here’s my favourites from the ones I have tried so far:

Caravan – King’s Cross

1. Caravan has a few branches in London. I have been to the one at King’s cross a few times and they never disappoint me. Eggs on sourdough toast with avocado is my all time favorite. It’s a spacious restaurant and always packed on the weekends. They do not take reservations. However, depending on how many people to bring to enjoy this delicious restaurant, you do not have to wait too long.  *Moral of the story: Don't bring your whole crew*

LB 1.jpg

2. Eggbreak – Notting Hill Gate

I mentioned Eggbreak in my last post as well and it's worthy of the second shout out.  It was definitely one of my best discoveries in London. I am a big fan of trying small, local places. The personalized touches create that authentic feel and taste that chains often lack. The place is located a few minutes away from Notting Hill station. It does not take reservations, but I can guarantee you that it is worth the wait.

3. 26 Grains – Covent Garden

Do you love porridge? Because I do and if you love all things warm, gooey and delicious go no where further. 26 grains has extensive options of delicious porridge. Located in Neal’s Yard (one of the most colorful and picturesque places in London, definitely google it), the café is small but seriously busy! The food is made fresh right in front of you as you wait. They do more than just porridge and have some savory options as well if your sweet tooth isn't as strong as mine. But this place tops my list with the Banana Cacao porridge and their smoothies are amazing too!

LB 2.jpg

4. Drury 188-189 Cafe – Covent Garden

This happened to be one of the closest place to my college and a perfectly decorated cosy restaurant to spend a peaceful afternoon.  If you are the person who wants to read in a quiet place then this is the place for you, they have books everywhere. What about their coffee? It is my favorite in London! I have tried their scrambled eggs on sourdough toast with smashed avocado’s here which was simply amazing too (I might have a go to breakfast item). They also have fresh salads for lunch and mouth-watering cakes (I have heard that red-velvet is the best) on display that I will go back to try again!

LB 3.jpg
LB 4.jpg

5. Granger and Co – King’s Cross

An Australian menu inspired café, again in King’s cross, is indeed a nice sit down place. With long glass windows and natural light shining through (whenever there is sun which is not so often in London!), the place is definitely worth a visit!

LB 5.jpg

These are my favorite discoveries in the year I have spent in London. If you have a short time in London, just walk around the local neighborhoods and you will surely find a great local eatery. This is a short list and there are still lots of places I want to try. I usually find my places by following pages on social media and so far, none of them have disappointed me.