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Babette Travel

 By Olivia Wisden

By Olivia Wisden

The idea of Babette did not simply come out of desire to be the next big thing, or to be the next travel site or anything monetary. The idea of Babette came out of the simple, personal frustration of finding an international internship. I had already spent a summer at an amazing internship in Dublin and I thought I knew the steps I had to take in order to find my next dream internship. I spent the next 6 months trying to find an internship in London but kept running into the same issue: in order to apply to an internship I needed a visa, in order to get a visa I needed to provide an internship. I scoured the internet looking for the magic website I figured had to exist. I spent hundreds of hours researching and cold calling businesses asking if they would take me as an intern.  I realized that my options were either apply for a placement program or not go to London and since the later was not truly an option I went with another placement program.

This started me thinking, "Why is the only easy way of finding an international internship through a placement program? How is it possible that I can find everything I need on the internet except for the one thing I desired most?" I realized that if I was having these issues there had to be others who also had the same problems. I decided that because the website I wanted didn't exist, I would create it myself. And thus the seed idea of Babette was planted.

The goal of Babette is to put the power back in the hands of interns and internships. We provide the resources, free to users, to apply directly to your dream internship in your dream city. We believe that traveling is an imperative part of education and we want to make it more accessible to all. We work with companies that are working to better our world and create healthy work environments. We provide a range of resources, tools and information to make your experience 100% yours.