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WORDS OF THE WISE: Before you go out


Every city and every country has their own unique culture surrounding going out, pubs, bars, clubs and the like. To save yourself from some heartache and less than great evenings here are our best tips regarding nightlife in London before you even start getting ready.



    •  London nightlife can get very late, some clubs don't close from Friday to Sunday. One late nighter in your highest heels and uncomfortable  cute dress can be a night ruiner and Londoners learn this quickly. This doesn't mean they don't get ready to go out, it just means that they tend to be a bit more practical about the situation. Do note however that some clubs still have specific dress codes which will be listed on their website so be sure to check ahead of time. Men, make sure to have a pair of nice shoes because that will be your biggest asset when getting into a club. 



    • Such as many large cities, going out can be a whole event. Usually this means drinking with friends at home before actually heading to your final destination. This is largely for practical reasons. Drinking in London is expensive. There really is no way around this fact expect to start your night (responsibly of course) at home. So grab your favorite cheap wine or bottle of gin and start your night off right!


  • buy your tickets in advance

    • In the US this is only really a thing when a big DJ or special event is happening. In London however, buying your ticket in advance can save you time and money. Many clubs are only open for special events so knowing what is happening at any certain venue will save you from wasting your time going to a closed or sold out venue. Do note that most clubs are going to have an entrance fee which can range from £5-£25! If you're unsure of where to go check out Resident Advisor to see what is going on in the city.

Our top picks for clubs are:

  1. The Nest
  2. Village Underground
  3. Printworks
  4. Dalston Superstore