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PUBS vs. BARS vs. CLUBS...?


Going out in Dublin you will quickly find that there are distinctions in the different venues to drink. When you go to them, what you wear to them and when they close are all different from bar to pub to club. 



WHAT: These are what you think of when you think of Dublin or London. You'll find most have been in operation for years and the customer has been around just as long. This is wear you go to get a few pints, watch a rugby or soccer game and get a pint of Guinesse. Most pubs are dimly lit with dark wood accents  so the fact you are there for your lunch break won't even phase you. In most of Ireland you'll find pubs are going to have some sort of live music at least a few nights a week!

WHEN: Whenever. Honestly you could show up at 10am to most pubs and you probably wouldn't be the first one there. It's not uncommon for locals to stop at their favorite pub after work on their way home for a pint. Most pubs close relatively early, roughly 12 or so. They are a great place to start your night since drinks tend to be a bit more affordable and you'll be in great company. 

WEAR: Pubs are about as casual as they come. You'll find most people in day to day wear with your occasional business person still in their professional outfit. 



WHAT: These are exactly what they sound like. They are your trendy, new destinations to get beers and cocktails. Their atmosphere is as different as you and me and so do their prices. You can find a bar for basically any mood and any drink. 

WHEN: As in the States, bars become most populated during the evening hours during the week. They are often where people go after dinner or maybe to grab a bite to eat at the bar. It's not abnormal to bounce from bar to bar depending on the energy of the group. Most bars close around 2 or so depending on the neighborhood and the night of the week.

WEAR: Bars can be as casual or as dressy as you see fit. Get dressed up and head over to Vintage Cocktail Bar for a blast to the past or keep cozy and head over to Bison Bar for some top notch BBQ.



WHAT: Clubs are what you think of when you think of dancing and packed places. These are the Friday/Saturday destination points when you are ready to go out until the sun comes up. As with bars, clubs vary drastically between venues so it's always good to check out their website before you show up. In Dublin, a lot of the clubs are 21+ so make sure to check if there is an age restriction before you head out! Also be prepared to pay a bit of an entrance fee and more for drinks once you get it.

WHEN: Clubs will always be your last stop of the night, apart from maybe a kabab or chicken shop. Clubs in Dublin close around 4am and some in London don't close at all. Most clubs don't become super busy until after 2 so nights can become late very quickly. 

WEAR: This is where you can wear your favorite black dress or button up. Most people get dressed up, especially in Europe. Guys make sure to wear nice shoes and ladies remember to wear shoes you can wear for hours and hours. Nothing ruins a night like painful feet or not getting in because of a dress code! If you have any questions feel free to call the club to ask or check online.